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Commerce Intelligence

Scraper to Collect Commerce Intelligence Information

With our commerce intelligence scraper, you can improve your product assortment to increase sales, benchmark your product pricing strategies, and lead the competitive ecommerce market by responding to rising customer demands. Our commerce intelligence data scraper for assortment analytics, pricing intelligence, and promotional insights scraping is available worldwide in Australia, Canada, USA, UK, UAE, India, France, Singapore, Ireland, Germany, etc.

Revenue Growth

35 %

Margin Growth

5 X

Cost Savings

60 %

Price Changes Tracked

12 BN+

Stay updated with competitive market insights and generate exceptional growth with smarting pricing, promotions, and product advertising decisions.

Pricing Intelligence

Benchmark your strategic pricing decisions based on data accuracy and intensify your top and bottom lines.

Amaze your online shoppers with competitive pricing as per consumer demand and competitors.


Assortment Analytics

Boost your sales by identifying the hot trends and filling your stock with the most demanded products.

Ensure to satisfy your customers by maintaining your stocks and actively identifying any voids in the catalog.

Promotional Insights

Overrule the market and get an edge over your competitors by responding to rising consumer demands on deals.

Get detailed insight into competitors’ campaigns and smartly manage your data-driven online promotions.

Determine historical patterns to predict and respond to prospective outcomes.


Count on our retail executives

  • In this highly competitive retail market and with rising consumer expectations, let your brand get recognized as the top performer.
  • Get a detailed report generated by retail executives on ROI, revenue optimization, and margin by combining our trusted insights, inventory data, and sales.

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As a leading product data scraping, we ensure that we maintain the highest standards of business ethics and lead all operations. We have multiple offices around the world to fulfill our customers' requirements.

Joshua Rudolph

Phoenix, Arizona

“We are happy to join hands with Product Data Scrape. The team worked efficiently with us to provide complete insights on data metrics for eCommerce websites. I am extremely happy with the company.”

Michelle Jane


“The company has a great team. They have well expertise in providing services when it comes to keep track on MAP violations and fraud products.”

Adelina Penelope

Salt Lake City, Utah

“I was looking for the right company who on out-of-stock and price leadership. Thanks to Product Data Scrape that provided me with correct data for out-of-stock, category analytics , and price leadership.”

Chris Martin


“Product Data Scrape has assisted us with great insights into the Marketplace metrics and track the brand share. It was helpful when we tested certain experiments about marketplaces that is otherwise the Blackbox. The sentiment analyzer is an exclusive addon to know customer reviews.”