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Scrape MAP and RRP Pricing Policies For E-commerce Business

Retailers need to comply with various pricing policies, including MAP and RRP. Retail sellers may experience legal actions and penalties if they violate these policies. To avoid it, Product Data Scrape helps you to monitor and scrape MAP and RRP policies for eCommerce business needs. Use our MAP and RRP monitoring and scraping services in UAE, Singapore, Germany, India, Australia, France, Israel, Spain, and other countries.

High Points

MAP and RRP Policies for For Various Sectors

Reliable MAP and RRP pricing strategy tracking and execution attract you to partner with more brands and satisfy resellers. MAP policy recommends retailers sell products at the minimum advertised price, whereas RRP stands for recommended retail price. Both policies are different, but retailers must follow them.

  • Recognize Violators
  • Preserve Brand Value
  • Inform Unauthorized Sellers
  • Monitor & Track Prices

How Does Product Data Scrape Helps You With MAP and RRP Policy Monitoring?


Keep an eye on resellers and competitors who violate MAP and RRP policies, and remember not to violate these policies to maintain brand reputation in the market. Monitor assortment and streamline merchant communication. If you are not working, you can seek the help of technology for market intelligence to check violations and fake products. Improve your brand reputation by converting unauthorized sellers into authorized ones after filtering them.

  • Protect Brand
  • Precise Tracking
  • Organize Operations
  • Discover Sellers From Gray Market

Why Choose Product Data Scrape?

Why is Product Data Scrape the Best Data Scraping Service Provider?

We sideline all the unnecessary data to make the customized report. Our team uses a price matrix or dashboard to make reports for MAP and RRP policy violations to deliver them. Further, we create a policy violation graph based on retailer studies who violate both policies frequently. When sellers violate both policy agreements, we trigger email alerts.

  • No Categorization
  • Following the MAP and RRP Violation History
  • Custom Alerts
  • Simple and Spontaneous Reports



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Phoenix, Arizona

“We are happy to join hands with Product Data Scrape. The team worked efficiently with us to provide complete insights on data metrics for eCommerce websites. I am extremely happy with the company.”

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“The company has a great team. They have well expertise in providing services when it comes to keep track on MAP violations and fraud products.”

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“I was looking for the right company who on out-of-stock and price leadership. Thanks to Product Data Scrape that provided me with correct data for out-of-stock, category analytics , and price leadership.”

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“Product Data Scrape has assisted us with great insights into the Marketplace metrics and track the brand share. It was helpful when we tested certain experiments about marketplaces that is otherwise the Blackbox. The sentiment analyzer is an exclusive addon to know customer reviews.”