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managed-data-collectionMANAGED DATA COLLECTION

Get fresh datasets from any public website

  • No-Code Scraping procedure
  • Ethical & Efficient Data Collection
  • On-Demand Data Access with API
  • 100% scraping compliance
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Any solution. Every challenge addressed.


Explore a Variety of Datasets

Explore ready-made datasets from well-known websites.


Tailor-Made Datasets

Craft tailored datasets using our dataset generation platform.


Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Achieve fully automated data collection operations and management with 100% hands-free efficiency.

Trending Ready-Made Datasets

We likely have established and maintained data collection from renowned websites. Guarantee seamless data access with our pre-configured scrapers, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your needs.

  • Explore demo data in JSON/CSV format
  • Up-to-date records
  • Tailor, enhance, and format the data

Walmart Datasets

Taobao Datasets

Shopee Dataset

Amazon Products Dataset

Target Dataset

eBay Dataset

Zara Dataset

AliExpress Dataset

Rakuten Dataset

Home Depot Dataset

Etsy Dataset

Mango Dataset

Flipkart Dataset

Alibaba Dataset

Costco Dataset

Wish Dataset

SHEIN Dataset

Best Buy Dataset

Chewy Dataset

Lowe’s Dataset

FirstCry Dataset

Massimo Dutti Dataset

JD Dataset

Meesho Dataset

Wildberries Dataset

Wayfair Dataset

Myntra Dataset

H&M Dataset

Nike Dataset

Adidas Dataset

Zolando Dataset

Shopsy DataSet

InstaCart Grocery Dataset

Amazon Fresh Grocery Dataset

BigBasket Grocery Dataset

FreshDirect Grocery Dataset

Blinkit Grocery Dataset

Woolworths Grocery Dataset

Udaan Grocery Dataset

Metro Grocery Dataset

GoPuff Grocery DataSet

Tesco Grocery Dataset

Swiggy Instamart Quick Commerce Dataset

Zepto Quick Commerce Dataset


Automated Data Set Creation Hub

Simplify Your Data Collection Process, Allowing You to Concentrate on Priorities.


Incorporate the URLs of your target website in the initial setup.

Structure & Validation

Acquire an AI-generated schema and sample. Establish validation rules.

Test Phase

Construct the scraper according to the specified schema and validation rules for the proof of concept.

Data Retrieval & Distribution

Gather and deliver data efficiently in the final step of the process.


Effortless High-Volume Web Data Collection

Bypass extensive infrastructure demands with our proprietary unblocking proxy technology. Enable high-volume data collection effortlessly, leveraging automated schema detection and HTML parsing. Extract data seamlessly in diverse formats, unlocking unparalleled efficiency.

Data holds value when it's reliable

Guarantee accuracy in datasets through our stringent data validation methods. Employing rigorous validation processes ensures precise, timely delivery, minimizes errors, and upholds data quality throughout every collection stage.


Flexible Data Delivery to Suit Every Requirement

Opt for a personalized data subscription tailored to your needs. Receive data in versatile formats such as JSON, ndJSON, CSV, and XLSX, delivered seamlessly through Snowflake, Google Cloud, PubSub, S3, or Azure. Trigger on-demand data requests effortlessly via API for instant access to the required information.

Effortless API Integration

Seamlessly incorporate a range of APIs into your workflows, ensuring smooth data collection and billing processes. Experience user-friendly integrations with leading platforms like Snowflake and AWS, simplifying your overall API integration journey.


Pinnacle Compliance Standards

Abide by industry-leading data protection measures. Our privacy practices align with stringent data protection laws, encompassing compliance with the EU's regulatory framework, GDPR, CCPA, and honoring requests to exercise privacy rights and beyond.

A Robust R&D Unit with 60+ Data Experts

Benefit from unparalleled support from our team of over 60 data experts. Recognized as #1 on G2, our round-the-clock team of more than 100 data and engineering specialists ensures rapid responses within 10 minutes, providing daily updates and tailored solutions to your unique needs.


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As a leading product data scraping, we ensure that we maintain the highest standards of business ethics and lead all operations. We have multiple offices around the world to fulfill our customers' requirements.

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Phoenix, Arizona

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“The company has a great team. They have well expertise in providing services when it comes to keep track on MAP violations and fraud products.”

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“I was looking for the right company who on out-of-stock and price leadership. Thanks to Product Data Scrape that provided me with correct data for out-of-stock, category analytics , and price leadership.”

Chris Martin


“Product Data Scrape has assisted us with great insights into the Marketplace metrics and track the brand share. It was helpful when we tested certain experiments about marketplaces that is otherwise the Blackbox. The sentiment analyzer is an exclusive addon to know customer reviews.”