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Sales Performance and Market Share

Scraper to Measure Sales Performance and Track Market Share

Measure sales performance and track market share using our scraper to monitor category-level changes, target product SKUs, determine growth-related KPIs, and plan your expenses for digital advertisements. Our E-commerce product performance and market share tracking services are available worldwide in Australia, Canada, USA, UK, UAE, India, France, Singapore, Ireland, Germany, etc

Accurate data is important to analyze growth in a fast-evolving digital world. However, Point of Sales data alone cannot provide calculative data to track market share growth.

Using our sales performance and market share, you can easily track estimates of market share based on retailer standards and customer-interpreted taxonomies. Get a complete competitive overview based on category and product SKU.

Mark Changes in Targeted SKU, Category Attributes

Assess your and your customers-sales based on custom-defined or retailer-based categories.

Keep track of the gain and losses concerning best-performing sellers and fast-moving products.

Categorize your competitor’s sales performance by distributors and direct marketplace sellers.


Easily Control KPIs Related to Growth using Dashboard Views

Get updates on how to improve sales. Prioritize your actions to skyrocket your sales performance.

Increase your competitive positioning by emphasizing products to be promoted.

Target your competitors, spot emerging brands, and take necessary actions to generate more sales.

Efficiently Plan Your Digital Spending And Assess Out-Of-Stock

Get calculative insights on your generated revenue against competitors

Enhance your pricing and promotional strategies with digital campaign performance.

Weekly track the effectiveness of your modified changes


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Joshua Rudolph

Phoenix, Arizona

“We are happy to join hands with Product Data Scrape. The team worked efficiently with us to provide complete insights on data metrics for eCommerce websites. I am extremely happy with the company.”

Michelle Jane


“The company has a great team. They have well expertise in providing services when it comes to keep track on MAP violations and fraud products.”

Adelina Penelope

Salt Lake City, Utah

“I was looking for the right company who on out-of-stock and price leadership. Thanks to Product Data Scrape that provided me with correct data for out-of-stock, category analytics , and price leadership.”

Chris Martin


“Product Data Scrape has assisted us with great insights into the Marketplace metrics and track the brand share. It was helpful when we tested certain experiments about marketplaces that is otherwise the Blackbox. The sentiment analyzer is an exclusive addon to know customer reviews.”