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E-commerce Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Solutions

Product Data Scrape is an e-commerce data analytics company that offers e-commerce retail analytics, price monitoring, competitive pricing intelligence, and business intelligence solutions to retailers worldwide. Product Data Scrape offers e-commerce retailers competitive intelligence & e-commerce analytics solutions. Contact us for a demo in the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, France, Canada, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, and other countries worldwide.

For Consumer Brands I Brand Analytics

Digital Shelf Analytics: Let your business gain a strong online market presence with us. With our digital shelf analytics, you can easily monitor, analyze, and identify the systems that amplify your digital presence and product visibility. Intensify your business sales, conversions, market share, and brand trust.

Brand Protection: We help you achieve the trust of your shoppers in your brand and product authenticity. Keep track of MAP violations and unauthorized sales and detect counterfeits while selling eCommerce products. Also, maintain price uniformity to ensure brand protection for your ecommerce business.

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For Retailers | Ecommerce Intelligence

Get our competitive insights and stay ahead of your competitors. Boost your sales and generate good revenue with more innovative, smarter pricing, promotions, and product selling decisions.

Pricing Intelligence: Our pricing intelligence service provides detailed insights that allow you to set the right price for your products, generate good leads and sales, create promotions, and finally make the right product selling decisions.

Assortment Analytics: Keep an eye on growing market trends and fill the void in your catalog to ensure your brand showcases highly demanding products. This will help maximize your sales. Consider using Assortment Analytics to Avoid any disarrangement of products and maintain stock availability.

Promotional Insights: Always stay in the run and updated on growing competition and consumer demands. Study Promotional Insights and optimize your ad spend based on your online promotion efficacy.

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The majority of businesses are always eyeing unique insights on markets and businesses from non- traditional sources to get a competitive edge.

We collect and analyze unstructured data from multiple sources on the web and deliver specific investment and market performance indicators.

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Why Choose Product Data Scrape?


Data Accuracy

With our advanced data aggregator, we ensure that maximum data gets collected from diverse sources on websites. We guarantee to offer more than 95% of data accuracy to be trusted upon


Actionable Insights

We transform data into understandable forms to reap the utmost benefits. Get easy access to in- depth recommendations on how to win


Global Reach

We make sure that you make your presence across the world. Stay connected with your customers globally with our flexible and language-specific technology platform


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As a leading product data scraping, we ensure that we maintain the highest standards of business ethics and lead all operations. We have multiple offices around the world to fulfill our customers' requirements.

Joshua Rudolph

Phoenix, Arizona

“We are happy to join hands with Product Data Scrape. The team worked efficiently with us to provide complete insights on data metrics for eCommerce websites. I am extremely happy with the company.”

Michelle Jane


“The company has a great team. They have well expertise in providing services when it comes to keep track on MAP violations and fraud products.”

Adelina Penelope

Salt Lake City, Utah

“I was looking for the right company who on out-of-stock and price leadership. Thanks to Product Data Scrape that provided me with correct data for out-of-stock, category analytics , and price leadership.”

Chris Martin


“Product Data Scrape has assisted us with great insights into the Marketplace metrics and track the brand share. It was helpful when we tested certain experiments about marketplaces that is otherwise the Blackbox. The sentiment analyzer is an exclusive addon to know customer reviews.”