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Amazon's much-awaited annual Prime Day was conducted on July 23rd and 24th in 2022 with a bang, and it was one of the most successful shopping events. The firm reported that over 32k sellers observed the highest sales ever during the event day. The interesting thing is 70 percent of sellers received orders from Tier 2 cities in India. Further, it showed the effect of a pandemic on the eCommerce business in India. Hang on, Indian sellers have also reported that 50 buyers were from Europe, Japan, Australia, and North America who procured Made in India products.

It was an excellent festival for Indian sellers, but what about waiting for customers? We analyzed the data to check discounts and deals during the Prime Day festival in India.


  • We have also observed Flipkart during the Prime Day festival simultaneously.
  • We monitored Fashion, Beauty, Grocery, and Electronics categories.
  • Additional Discount: We also looked at discounts compared to pre-prime day sales prices.
  • After the Event, we tracked post-prime day discounts offered as well.

Who offered better discounts? Amazon or Flipkart?


Discounts on prime day events are legendary. Across the world, retailers compete to check if they can provide better deals than giants like Amazon. Even Forbes published an article about the 36th prime day competitor sales to show other attractive offers and discounts compared to Amazon. In India, we wanted to know whether Flipkart will give fight Amazon or not during the prime day event. Hence we collected data on the volume of discounts across various categories.

  • Of these four categories, Amazon offered a better discount than Flipkart on some categories, Electronics and Beauty.
  • While Flipkart was on the higher side, offering more discounts on the other two categories, namely Groceries, and Fashion, where they provided approximately 1 percent more in both types.
  • After the Event, both these rivals returned to their original prices, which they had before the Event. This concluded that Flipkart was constantly monitoring changes made by Amazon, and that made them more intelligent in the eCommerce business.
  • Interestingly, after the Event, Amazon increased the prices of the fashion category by around 2% compared to pre-event prices.

Let's dive deep into the discounts offered in all four categories and the winning brand.



As per reports by tech publication Gadgets360, both players offered attractive deals on smartphones for brands like Oppo, Samsung, Redmi, etc. Further, earphone brands like Boat got fab deals as well. We looked at Amazon for the electronics category to check which products had huge discounts and compared them with the previous Event.

  • Amazon published highlights from the Event and reported that the most successful products were Electronics, especially, Smartphones with a high sales volume.
  • Among the six electronics categories we tracked, we observed that the highest discount was offered on smartwatches and Bluetooth headphones, which were 10 to 13.4 percent.
  • Smartphones, TV, cameras, and laptops had an additional discount of 3 to 5.5 percent.

Electronics Brands Having High Search Volume on Amazon During Event


According to research on Amazon, the top 3 products generate 64 percent of total sales. So it becomes vital for brands to appear in the top 3 in the search results to increase the chance of sales.

During prime day 2022, Amazon India reported the best-selling brands to be Lenovo, HP, Asus, Boat, etc. We assumed these brands must have appeared in the top 3 search results depending on user demand. We looked into our data to check the brands with a high share of searches for specific keywords related to electronic gadgets.

  • Users tend to buy products that they find without sending much time. And that benefitted HP in generating more sales. Our data analysis matched with the Amazon reports, where HP had the highest sales because they ranked on the top in search results, and their appearance rate was 44 percent.
  • Apart from HP, Lenovo had 32% search appearance, and Asus had 14% appearance to be in the top 3.
  • Talking about smartphone brands, One plus, Samsung, Redmi, Realme, iQOO, etc., we observed 3 out of these brands appeared in the top 5 in the search results, with Redmi grabbing 30% of the share of the search for the keyword Smartphone. Further, Samsung had 15% SoS, and iQOO had 5% SoS, which led to generating high sales for them.



Now, let's explore the discounts offered in the beauty and grooming category during the Event.

  • Shampoos and Lipsticks were offered with the highest discounts in the range of 6 to 10 percent.
  • For men, shaving kits, Hair gels, and Face masks were offered with additional discounts in the range of 3 to 5 percent.

These beauty brands had the highest SoS on Amazon during the Event.


Here, Amazon reported Head and Shoulder, Biotique, Sugar Cosmetics, Mamaearth, Dove, and L'Oreal as bestsellers. Again, we've checked the brand visibility in the search results on the platform and shared of search each brand got.

  • Amazon reported that all the best-selling brands appeared in the top 5 search results.
  • The top 2 positions were acquired by Head and Shoulder and Dove for the keyword Shampoo where they had a share of search of 26 and 16 percent, respectively. Further, Biotique got 5th position with 7 percent of SoS.
  • Besides beauty brands, Gillette, Axe, and Bombay Shaving Cream were the top grooming brands in the subcategory of Shaving kits.
  • For the keyword Lipstick, Lakme was on the top with 19% of SoS. However, there was aggressive competition from some of the D2C beauty brands.



Recently, grocery is playing a vital role in the growth of the eCommerce business in India, and Amazon Fresh grabbed this opportunity to generate more share in selling groceries online in India during the Event. They offered considerable discounts on fruits, veggies, and other grocery items across India. Here is what we saw in this category.

  • Looking at challenging lifestyles and healthy food trends, there was no surprise to see the additional discount on healthy snacks and diet-supporting food items of up to 4 percent.
  • The lowest discount was observed on chips and chocolates, around 1.2%.
  • A 2.5% additional discount on a prime day was offered on drinks.

Snack brands lead the search engine of Amazon during the Prime Day event.

  • Cadbury beat all the competitors for the keyword chocolate by appearing on the top with 69% of SoS. At the same time, Amul and Hershey's had a share of 20 and 4 percent searches, respectively.
  • For the healthy snacks keyword, YogaBar ranked at the top during the Event with their high authority in the market with tripled sales in FY22.



Amazon reported Men's kurtas, tops, t-shirts, polos, dresses for ladies, design wears, and dresses for kids were leading fashion categories at this Event. Let's check the data on these categories to know the trend.

  • Women's handbags had the highest discount of around 12%, with watches offered at about 9% discount additionally.
  • Jeans and sneakers were discounted at 7%, with sunglasses offered at 4.4% low prices.

Below fashion brands had the highest search appearance on the platform during the event

  • A few expected brands made it to the list of the first 5. Here, a couple of private- label Amazon brands came in the top 5, Lavie at 2, with 11 percent of SoS, Symbol with 27%, and Inkash Denim with 9% SoS featured in the list.
  • For keyword handbag, Lavie appeared on the top with 38% SoS, while the second was Caprese, with 13% SoS, who made it to the list.
  • Boat ranked second for watches beating Fastrack, the famous brand.

Wrapping Up

On Prime Day 2022 by Amazon India, there were thousands of deals and over 500 new launches. Further, during these two days of the festival, many sellers generated more than one crore rupees of business and witnessed colossal growth and visibility to new brands. We observed considerable competition, bulk orders for product deliveries, etc. we could analyze everything because of data extraction. Are you still struggling to find how to be better than your competitors? Just contact Product Data Scrape and we will help you with your market research.


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