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Digital Shelf Analytics, abbreviated as DSA, involves constant analysis of eCommerce data to obtain clear insights into the performance metrics of a specific digital shelf. On the other hand, this helps brands stay ahead of their competitors and optimize their digital pain points.

This is perfect for eCommerce stores that partner with several online retailers. The tool provides real-time digital shelf metrics to allow eCommerce brands to track gaps and act across multiple sales channels.

Importance of Digital Shelf Analytics


The significant advantage of digital shelf analytics is that it helps the brand to make a solid online presence using easily noticeable and searchable products. Using this metric, businesses can quickly get detailed insights and utilize the same to identify the flaws in their strategies and enhance the user experience.

On the other hand, it also provides current trends' insights to attract consumer attention. Anu business can then use these insights to optimize their product page per the rising customer trends.

Let's understand what this blog is about. It provides detailed information on certain FMCG products like Biscuits, Chocolates, and Malt Drinks and analyzes their search, availability, and promotions across brands like Blinkit, BigBasket, Swiggy, Dmart, etc.

First, take an example of how shopping is done online daily. You need certain food items and log into an eCommerce portal to search for the products. The cart gets filled with your desired products, and you check out after payment. Next, crosscheck the same effects on the competitor's site to avail discounts, if any.

Now, this is the thing you know, but you aren't aware of what's happening in the background. Brands usually track and ensure the most searched keywords, availability of the products, and competitive offers and discounts to get your order. And for this whole process, they rely on Digital Shelf Analytics.

The FMCG Marketplace

The FMCG industry successfully makes a strong presence in the eCommerce market in India. By 2025, it is expected to rise significantly at a CAGR of 14.9%, reaching $220 billion by 2025. Although, the eCommerce concept has gained popularity with major players like Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal. But, with the entry of online platforms like BigBasket, Grofers, Swiggy, etc., FMCG eCommerce has taken an enormous leap. This indicates buyers' ever-changing habits have made online selling necessary for the fast-moving consumer goods segment.

In the past two years, FMCG witnessed significant growth. Although several factors are involved, macro factors like inflationary pressure, government impetus, and consumption recovery have shown double growth for FMCG brands.

As per NielsenIQ's FMCG Snapshot for Q2 2022, a growth of 10.9% was seen in quarter June 2022 as compared to the previous quarter, which was 6%. However, this is expected to rise even more during the festive season. However, only those companies that can sense this rising trend early can witness growth opportunities.

Product Data Scrape provides retailers and manufacturers with detailed insights into the trends and helps them make the right decisions on how to optimize the supply chain to maximize sales.

Let's understand some sample insights and trend analyses for popular FMCG brands.

Overview of Analyzed Dataset using Analytics Methodology

  • Period for Data Scraping: January to August 2022
  • FMCG Brands: ITC, Britannia, Nestle, Parle, Boost, Complan, Hershey's, Amul
  • Grocery Retailers Tracked: BigBasket, Amazon Fresh, Jiomart, Dmart, Milkbasket, Swiggy
  • Tracked Categories: Chocolate, Biscuit, Malt Drinks

Analysis as Per the Availability


Product availability on the eCommerce platform depicts how demanding the product is among consumers. With Product Data Scrape availability analytics, FMCG brands can optimize their stock and inventory planning. This analysis provides a detailed insight into which products need to be prioritized on which platform:

  • Chocolate has an availability of 56%, while Biscuits have better availability at 63%.
  • Swiggy and Dmart have better availability in both categories, with 85%, while, BigBasket has 67%.
  • The lowest availability of 46% and 50% was tracked with Flipkart Grocery and Blinkit.

Highest Availability of Products concerning Manufacturers


The above data and graphic representation are about the brands that significantly increased their availability across eCommerce platforms.

  • In 2022, all five manufacturers showed their availability with nearly 50% in the Biscuits category. This rose to 68% in June 2022 and then declined to 63% in Aug 2022.
  • The most significant drop was observed by Unibic, which was 15% between May to Aug 22.
  • A significant rise in the availability was observed by Mondelez, which was 23% between Mar to Aug 22.
  • All the seven manufacturers of malt drinks except Boost and Nestle were seen as more than 50%. The average availability across all manufacturers was seen from 55% to 63% from Jan to Jul 22.
  • Boost witnessed a drop of 30% on Jan 22 to 7% on Aug 22.
  • Amul has seen a rise from 51% on Jan 22 to 78% on Aug 22 and 80% on Jul 22.
  • Availability of chocolate across manufacturers was seen at 47% on Jan 22. This rose to 64% on May 22 and then declined to 51% on Aug 22.
  • Mondelez witnessed a rise of 46% from Jan 22 to 74% in May. A drop of 68% followed this in Aug.
  • From Jan to July 22, Ferrero experienced 77% to 94%. But, in Aug, there was a steep drop to 49%.

Analysis Based on Discounts

  • In the Biscuit category, the highest discount was offered by Unibic at 28%. Next was ITC at 20%.
  • In the Chocolate category, the highest discount of 14% was offered by Hershey's and then followed by ITC at 12%.
  • In Malt Drink Category, Amul witnessed the highest discount of 16%, followed by Boost at 10%.

Analysis Based on Share of Search

  • The top 10 dominating brand was Britannia.
  • The-top-10-dominating-brand-was-Britanni
  • Mondelez showed the highest share of searches at 62% in Amazon Fresh. Parle G has the lowest of 7%.
  • Britannia saw the highest share of searches, 62% in BigBasket, and the lowest was Parle, with 7%.

Wrapping Up: Thus, to conclude, with a more significant number of interests coming from online purchasers, the chances of FMCG Brands gaining high potential in the market are increasing. However, these brands must compete to achieve the most significant share based on product availability, visibility, and consumer demands. Hence, to understand the trend and meet the pace, every brand must have analytics data to optimize their search share, availability of products, and discounts for customers.


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