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Two possible outcomes of product data feed in the e-commerce industry lead to failure or success in the business. As per reports, 25 percent of consumers refuse to buy products due to a lack of quality in product descriptions, specifications, and other necessary information.

A few e-commerce platforms suggest sellers add quality descriptions while listing products and improve them based on historical data to increase their website visibility and generate more sales.

You should provide consistent and accurate product information in the feed as a product seller. Such information doesn't convey any false data, and helps maintain brand reputation, attract more customers, and stabilize revenue generation.

Considering the rising competition in the ecommerce market, companies can't afford to lose sales because of inaccurate product data. Our survey and market research using e-commerce data scraping reported over 80 percent of products have an impact of poor product information on platforms. Further, over 55 percent of brands stated that they lose potential sales opportunities due to low-quality data.

In this article, let's dig into the guide to making high-quality product data feeds using web scraping with detailed examples.

What is Ecommerce Product Information?


Product data is an essential part of any shopping in the e-commerce industry. It allows brands always to showcase the right products to the right customers. But do you know what it is? It is detailed product information based on their specifications, features, Availability, delivery location, prices, and more. But, there are various criteria for online space and brick-and-mortar stores in the present retail and ecommerce era.

Product data has primary importance for anybody handling product data for their business, be it a retailer, buyer, social shopping application, or any other platform. Product data has two parts, namely catalog and offers data. Catalog data is all about product descriptions, images, specifications, features, unique identifiers, videos, and more with its static nature. Whereas, Offers data focuses on prices, Assortment and Availability, delivery information, product sale, and more with a dynamic nature.

What is the Significance of an Accurate Product Information Feed?


Accurate product data is crucial during online shopping if you like your consumers to praise and trust your brand. If customers find any missing product attribute, customers will switch to another brand to buy a similar product.

Concentrating on ecommerce business aspects, precise, comprehensive, and detailed product data will allow buyers to understand and access the benefits of product attributes to make them buy the product. Additionally, with this information, brands can retain customers, increase visibility, and generate a constant flow of income.

What Type of Data is Available in the Data Feed of Ecommerce Products?


Product Name

Product Title is one of the primary parts of the ecommerce product data feed. It helps to increase product visibility, click-through rate for advertisements, and organic results.

Product Category

Buyers get a better browsing experience when they find the product for their requirements from the correct categories. It helps provide customers with authentic products and increases the chance of sales. Additionally, it is easier for Google algorithms to filter and show relevant products to user queries if retailers create and work on their ecommerce product feed optimization.

Product Image

Buyers may not explore your product in detail if you don't share product images, and you may lose potential sales. Avoid it by sharing good-quality pictures of products along with descriptions, specs, and titles. It may not help you with visibility, but it will help you increase conversation.

Product Description

Though product descriptions impact conversions, crawlers don't load them for search queries. It only translates visibility and discoverability slowly. However, you should provide quality descriptions to improve product performance.

Product Type

It is a method to explain the product. You can add various keywords to search in this product attribute. Adding keywords to product descriptions using product types will allow the channel to learn about your item.

Product Identification Numbers

These are the unique identifiers of ecommerce products. Each platform has various notations for this identifier, like GTIN, ASIN, etc.

Stock Assortment and Availability Information

While running location-based advertisements, stock Assortment, and availability data is essential. It is for both online and offline stores. Tracking product availability and updating it will help customers to choose your product for their requirements.

How to Improve the Quality of Ecommerce Product Data?


Gather and prepare product data

Firstly select a tool or system to gather existing product information. Once you select it, like a Product Information Management Solution, collect the required data you want to improve for the selected item. Then prepare that data such that you can use it effectively in other e-commerce channels.

Scale up data enrichment by organizing products and attributes

If multiple products exist, scaling up data processes by devising product data enrichment ways is mandatory.

Filter products in famous product categories

Learn how buyers discover products based on categories with the help of relevant ecommerce managers. Then, classify these products into different categories, like watches, laptops, and toys, based on their prices, colors, and more

Write impactful and SEO-friendly product descriptions

Once you collect product data and classify products, it's time to write a compelling description keeping SEO in mind. Ensure you write research-based descriptions matching your brand's voice for B2B and B2C segments.

Create product group

The PIM allows you to make a group of seasonal products before starting seasonal sales. You can bundle products depending on their categories to promote them together.

Scrape Ecommerce Product Data

Being an e-commerce seller, you will observe variation in the completion while launching products in the market considering product type. It is challenging to collect large-scale data manually. Still, if you collect data manually, you will see many errors in data that you won't see in an automated process for ecommerce data collection.

If you use our ecommerce scraping services to collect product data for your requirements, you will get it effectively with customized data formats in minimum time. Our web scraping tools automatically load selected product pages from targeted websites and collect the required data.

Our e-commerce data scraping services will help you to perform competitor price monitoring, assortment analytics, and more to get you the essential data to add to data feeds.

However, only some websites can easily allow scraping data from their servers. To avoid these challenges, our team uses the following:

  • Detect and avoid traps before starting the scraping process
  • Use real user agents
  • Residential proxy servers with dynamic nature
  • Bypass captchas with relevant algorithms
  • Send scraping requests at variable intervals from different IP addresses


Here is how you can create and improve data feed for ecommerce products with the highest possible quality. You can use our e-commerce data extraction services to collect the required data before changing the product feed. Contact Product Data Scrape to learn more.


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