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The online existence of brands is essential in today's digital era. Consumers often prefer a reputed brand to buy products or services. Depending on how you engage with your target audience across digital media platforms leads to earning their loyalty and reputation.

Using social media platforms has been the most effective method of communication. Replying to interactions in social media is imperative. You should track all digital channels. Brand monitoring tools help track brands' social media and online activities.

Though many solutions involving social media marketing have social listening functionalities, others monitor brands with total concentration. Explore the below list of the best brand monitoring tools to track your brand's progress.

What Is Brand Monitoring in Business?


Brand tracking is the process of monitoring various online channels and analyzing your brand activities.

When you discuss or tag your brand, include things and places.

Having many online resources at their disposal, monitoring everything manually is impractical. You can track your business operations' online activities and presence with the below online brand monitoring tools.

The 10 Best Brand Monitoring Tools

  • Technorati
  • Awario
  • Brandwatch
  • Keyhole
  • Mention
  • Twirlers
  • BuzzSumo
  • Meltwater
  • Talwalker
  • Buffer Reply


The first brand tracking tool in our list is Technorati. If your brand works on sharing content in the form of blogs and trying to expand its existence in the blogging community, Technorati is a helpful tool for you.

The tool is straightforward to target the blogging community and place it in a specific market. It searches for all the feeds and blogs to get mentions of your brand name. You will get the data in RSS feed format.


It searches over thirteen billion pages from the internet to discover references for brands daily. This method allows you to engage with consumers on multiple social media channels to strengthen the business ties of your brand.

The data it collects will help you to answer comments and allow you to understand your audience in a great way to restructure your marketing strategies. For example, you can use it to discover new customers searching for products or services you offer and instantly help filter prospects' leads.

Important Features of Awario

  • Reporting
  • Hashtag tracking
  • Sentiment evaluation
  • Boolean query
  • Integration with slack


Brandwatch is an inclusive brand monitoring software tool. It gives you information and highlights about your business performance across online platforms.

The tool offers data to strengthen the brand's online visibility on several online platforms, including content marketing, social networking, and business listing platforms.

Brandwatch helps companies get customer reviews on the brand and health insights online.

Getting real-time notifications makes it practically possible to track activities and work on adjustments according to requirements. It is an efficient and all-around tool for brand monitoring available in the market.

Important Characteristics of Brandwatch

  • An AI analyst
  • Sorting talks depending on criticisms, grievances, and opinions
  • Recognizing strange behavior


Using Keyhole, you can track company mentions, competitors, or products on the top social media channels and other publicly available websites. With the user-friendly dashboard of this brand monitoring tool, you can collect the reached volume, interaction volume, post volume, impression insights, and other summaries. It offers a sentiment study that you can use for Competitor analysis.

Keyhole helps brands with hashtag analytics with other products. Along with brand tracking, it helps with content curation to expand your writing reach.

Features of Keyhole

  • Sentiment study using Artificial intelligence
  • Account suggestions
  • An instant trends function to spot trends on social media platforms
  • Reach volume to check which post is going viral.


It is one of the best free brand monitoring tools for brands looking for a robust monitoring solution that can compete with Google alerts. Using its tracking engine, it offers all the crucial information.

You can discover multiple resources, including blogs, social media platforms, news, and feeds, using Mention. Despite the restricted reach of Twitter and Facebook, B2C brands can utilize it effectively.

Mention also has a mobile application to allow access from any remote location. It allows you to track the online performance of the brand in real-time.

Anti-noise technology is one of the essential features of this tool. It displays the requested results only.

Features of Mention

  • Clever folders
  • Logical question
  • Advanced warnings
  • You will get a pulse email when mentions are at the highest level.


Like Tweetdeck, Twilert is an additional monitoring tool of Twitter. However, both these work with different algorithms.

The Twilert application notifies you of tweets about your profile or brand. You can also create alerts for particular keywords or hashtags.

Whenever a list on Twitter includes your brand name, keyword, or hashtag, this tool sends you a notification email.

You are free to choose the frequency of getting email alerts from Twilert.


It is a social media and brand tracking tool. You can use it to monitor your brand mentions, competitors, related topics, and products. Further, BuzzSumo allows publishers to employ the quality and best-performing content with partnership development to increase audience engagement constantly by allowing brands to discover top content and trends.

Essential Characteristics of BuzzSumo:

  • Monitoring competitors
  • Tracking brand mentions and important blogs
  • Monitoring organic growth


Meltwater platform includes comment sections, social networking channels, forums, blogs, review websites, etc. It is a social media listening and brand monitoring software, Meltwater Social, that allows you to track brand mentions while offering social media data insights with competitor intelligence, brand health, user sentiment, etc. Like other solutions, Meltwater Social gives performance indicators and raw user information to base your marketing and content strategy.

Important Features Meltwater Social:

  • Unlimited keyword search capacity
  • Developing custom reports and dashboards
  • Analytics software tool
  • A complete scenario for your brand state
  • Access to social data archive for the last 15 months


Talwalker is an enterprise-level tool for big organizations. It allows you to access historical and real-time data for two years. AI-based insights and image recognition are sophisticated features of this tool. You can cover around ten social media channels with TV, radio, and print.

Important Characteristics of Talwalker

  • Video and image recognition
  • Automated and instant warnings
  • Adaptable dashboards
  • Intelligent spike analysis
  • Access to historical data of the past 2 years
  • Language sentiment analysis and tracking
  • Conversation clustering

Buffer Reply

Buffer-Reply bought brand tracking solutions and customer service way back in 2015.

On Buffer Reply, you can use a single account to manage multiple social media profiles. You can schedule uploading posts and publish them directly on your social media profile.

There are two options available for using Buffer Reply. One is a free brand monitoring tool solution, and the other is a paid version. In the free plan, you can open three accounts and plan up to ten monthly posts.


The above best brand monitoring tools can help you track your brand performance, data insights, audience engagement, and more. You can do the brand monitoring by yourself. If you want a competitor monitoring or eCommerce Price Monitoring solution, contact Product Data Scrape.


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