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As 2023 approaches, the anticipation for Black Friday deals is mounting. Whether you're a consumer seeking the hottest products at discounted prices or a business owner aiming to make smart purchases, the excitement is palpable.

We've harnessed the power of Product Data Scrape, our e-commerce scraping tool, to collect valuable data about Black Friday, its history, and the incredible deals awaiting you this year. Our guide on scraping eCommerce websites empowers you to uncover your deals and products.

With our data insights, we're here to provide you with a detailed view of this year's Black Friday deals. Whether you're hunting for electronics, fashion, household items, or supplies for your business, we're committed to helping you make informed choices and get the most out of this shopping extravaganza.

With 91% of manufacturers indicating their intention to increase prices in the latter half of 2023, the value of wise shopping decisions has never been higher. It could result in many individuals patiently waiting for Black Friday to make significant purchases, whether big-ticket items or general seasonal and holiday-themed products.

However, the question remains: Does Black Friday genuinely live up to its extensive hype? Are the deals offered on this day genuinely worthwhile, and is it justified to invest the time and effort to hunt down the best discounts and await the arrival of doorbusters come November? Our perspective is affirmative, and we encourage you to read our stance on scraping Black Friday Deals from e-commerce websites.

Black Friday Sales – 2022 Predictions

2022's Black Friday sales are rife with discounts and deals across Canada, setting the stage for the most significant sales growth in history. Acquire this data through our e-commerce data scraping services.

History of Black Friday in Canada:

Black Friday, originally an American tradition, marks the start of the holiday shopping season in the United States. During this time, retailers heavily advertise and offer their best discounts. Some extend these offers beyond Friday, including into Cyber Monday or even a whole week known as Cyber Week.

Canadian Cross-Border Shopping:

Cross-border shopping in the United States allured Canadians, especially during high demand of Canadian dollar. After 2001, many Canadians crossed the border in search of deals. In 2008, Canadian retailers began their Black Friday sales to encourage more purchases within the country.

Top Offers of 2022:

In 2022, top offers include significant savings on products like a Samsung 75-inch 4K TV for $579.99 and the best-rated TV of 2022, the LG C2 OLED, on sale for $1,294.99. Shoppers can also find budget-friendly options, with smart TVs starting at just $78.99.

Other notable Black Friday deals include record-low prices on Apple devices, such as the AirPods Pro 2 for $198.99 and the 2021 iPad on sale for $269. Bargains extend to products like the Ninja blender system for $99 and substantial discounts on massage guns.

Evolution of Black Friday Duration:

Black Friday has transformed from a one-day event into a multi-day shopping extravaganza over the past several years. Retailers aim to increase excitement and sales by extending the duration of the event. While official Black Friday sales often overlap with the holiday, they typically start the Sunday before Thanksgiving and last throughout the week.

Are Products Cheaper on Black Friday?

The week leaping into Black Friday and the tech-oriented deal day of Cyber Monday remain the prime periods for finding the best discounts, according to experts. The patterns suggest that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rollout resembles 2019 more than the past two years, indicating a return to traditional shopping and selling practices.

What to Buy on Black Friday:


Black Friday is the optimal day for shopping, whether you're in the market for a big-screen TV or new headphones. Large retailers often advertise their deals before and after Black Friday, providing ample opportunities to secure great bargains. More miniature consumer goods like headphones and earbuds tend to see substantial price drops on Black Friday.

Black Friday 2022: Amazon Trends and Statistics:


Amazon's Black Friday trends 2022 reflect growing discounts attributed to recent increases in the cost of living. Amazon Basics products have experienced a remarkable revenue increase of approximately 135%. In 2022, Amazon witnessed a notable uptick in product views, rising from 9.9 billion in September 2021 to 10.2 billion in 2022, marking an almost 3% increase.

Canadian Stores Offering Price Match on Black Friday:


Many Canadian retailers now offer price match guarantees for Black Friday, allowing shoppers to buy early without worries about missing out on better deals later. Popular stores providing Black Friday price matches in Canada include Home Depot, The Bay, Canadian Tire, and Best Buy. These policies ensure that shoppers can secure the best possible deals during the Black Friday season.

Conclusion:The value of Black Friday shopping hinges on personal perspective. While a product may seem like a great deal, it doesn't automatically translate to a wise purchase. It's advisable to create a list of genuinely needed items to make the most of major sales events. This approach helps you resist the temptation of unnecessary discounts on items you don't require.

At Product Data Scrape, we uphold unwavering ethical standards in every facet of our operations, whether our Competitor Price Monitoring Services or Mobile App Data Scraping. With a worldwide footprint encompassing numerous offices, we steadfastly provide outstanding and transparent services to cater to the varied requirements of our esteemed clientele.


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